* Translations

Download the language for translation. Extract the required ZIP file to a new directory on your computer and contact us for more instructions.

French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish also available additional translations to: Korean, Chinese etc.

* Third Party Software

Communication:            Tibbo.zip, MultiSerial.zip

Database:                     ThirdParty_Bde.zip, FireBird.zip

Drivers:                         ThirdParty_Hasp.zip

Files Compression:         Winzip, RAR.zip

Graphics:                       DWGViewer
Remote Control:            UltraVNC.zip

Video/Audio:                  XeCap-XED.zip, H264-Board.zipHera.zip

Video Compression:       MJPEG.zip, H264.zip, MPEG4-Microsoft.zip, MPEG4-XviD.zip

* Presentations and Brocures

* SESAM SESAM Demo Presentation (20.5 MB .zip)

* Video Video Brief Presentation (5.37 MB .zip)

* Video Solutions Sophisticated Video Solutions: archiving and retrieving, mass storage systems (11 MB .zip)

* Banks Banks and Multi-site installations (27.3 MB .zip)

After downloading, copy the file to the new directory on your disk and open it. The demo will be extracted. Run the DEMO to start the presentation.


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