New Interfaces 2014



Emza Verification Camera - The company had developed an outdoor anti-vandal camera which consist of smart video analytics.
The camera works over wireless networks and sends alarms with attached video clips.




Magna B.S.P - Control-Bit technologies has now a full interface of the optical radar made by Magna with the ability to show multiple detections for the same camera.





Risco Lightsys - Control-Bit Technologies has developed the interface to this new alarm panel.





March - Infinova - Control-Bit Technologies has developed an interface driver for the latest model of March NVR.





Hikvision IP Camera - An in interface driver to Hikvision NVR and IP cams was developed, based on Hikvisoin proprietary communication protocol
that provide smooth video transfer over slow wireless network systems.

Hikvision DVR - Control-Bit Technologies developed the driver to Hikvison DVR, multiple DVRs can be engaged through SESAM CC




Shanni RCM Mobile DVR - SESAM has now interface to this Mobile DVR that consist of supporting 4 PTZ cams as well as 3G GPS system.
The result is video from moving vehicles as well as real time location on maps.





ONVIF 2.0 - Control-Bit Technologies has developed the interface driver based on the ONVIF 2.0 protocol which is now common to all IP cams. That means that SESAM can actually integrate with any camera of any vendor on the market without the need of any further development.