SESAM - Command and Control Center

SESAM is an excellent cost-effective site management software system, which enables easy integration of diverse systems into a simple and intuitive control and reporting command center. SESAM works in Client/Server mode over networks, the intranet, and Internet. SESAM is ideal for industrial complexes, campuses, hotels, shopping centers, correctional, municipal, and other facilities.

SESAM is a vendor-independent system that can be easily integrated into previously installed equipment from different vendors. New hardware systems are easily installed with no need to redefine existing applications.

User-defined database features include bitmaps, action authorization levels, event types, and color. Full database and map printouts are available to instantly form an application manual. Events can be followed by synthesized or recorded voice messages as an integrated part of the software.

SESAM is available in several languages: German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and Arabic.