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Security Management Software for Smartphones & Tablets

The new SESAM iPhone application has been released and is now available for use; it enables viewing and controlling of the secured site remotely (over the internet), using Apple iPhones, iPad and additional Smartphones and Tables.

The application provides a live status of the secured site, fully synchronized with the Command & Control Center. In some cases it can even support the need for Command & Control Center system operators, thanks to the ability to control remotely.

It is compatible with all security systems and devices supported by our software; Video Cameras, Access-Control Controllers, Security Panels, Fire Panels etc.

System Functionallity:

The new events generated appear automatically in the application (full details), a graphical map indicating the alarming detector or device location is available for viewing instantly.

Arming/Disarm systems remotely are also available, suggesting actually almost full control of the system.

The application is compatible with all cameras supported by our software. It allows viewing video cameras and performing PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) commands.

User operations and available actions are determined by software authorization level (user-password protected).


How it works?

SESAM Internet Gateway is running on site (or any other product of our products series).

SESAM Internet Gateway is connected to the Internet and to SESAM Server over the site local network.

Whenever an entry to the Command & Control software is made, SESAM mobile application is loaded, offering a full view and control of the system.


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