Solutions for Military Bases

The SESAM for Military Bases configuration allows connecting an unlimited number of military bases and army facilities spread all over the country. Each base or facility has a local PC with a SESAM Local Server and video capture card (16 inputs) installed on it. In addition, the following systems are hooked up to the SESAM via the RS-232 and USB ports: the Burglary alarm system, the Access control (proximity, biometric) system, the Fire-detection system, and Safe-locks of the bolt.

The senior security officer is able to fully view and control each and every one of the bases. This way he can view the video cameras of a remote facility over the network, viewing multiple cameras simultaneously and recording from remote PTZ cameras. He can also view the access control transactions and of course the burglary alarm system. In addition, he can control the safe-locks from his computer by having a software program that communicates to SESAM via the base local network. All bases and facilities can be hooked up via the military secured network (WAN) to the Central Control Room, in which the SESAM Enterprise server, its Backup server, and two operators' workstations are installed.

Recording video locally up to 16 cameras, allows advanced functions such as Events driven by any of the installed systems, whether it is the Alarm System, Access Control System,or other systems via recording by time schedules, or recording driven by VMD (Video Motion Detection). There Automatic pop-up and recording of cameras in case an alarm of any kind occurs.