Solutions for Cellular Transmission Centers

SESAM for Cellular Transmission Centers is the most powerful tool to secure and supervise the national transmission centers throughout the country.  

Transmission Centers are spread all over: at the middle of the business area, in the countryside, on the highest mountains, and in the desert.Most of these transmission centers are highly sensitive and essential for many people. This is why they should be kept secure from the dangers of nature and deliberate sabotage.

SESAM provides the best solution for monitoring and controlling these highly sensitive transmission centers. Alarm messages, fire detection, Access control, live video and digital recording will be able to prevent some of the sabotage events. Thus transmission centers will be highly secured and protected.  

Cameras can also be set for VMD recording in additional areas of the transmission center, or can be set for continuous recording, depending on the customer's requirements. The SESAM Enterprise Server, together with SESAM for Cellular Transmission Centers, allows control and communication over networks of multiple sites; it gives a real-time picture of all remote transmission centers by alarm messages, system events and live video.